Looking for an experienced psychic reader who is clear, honest, and compassionate?
​ Sue Can Help clear blockages and help you reach your personal goals.
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​I have been a psychic intuitive for many years. I am very visual, highly sensitive person who picks up information (a knowing) from another person by tuning into their vibration. Enjoy working with people in a positive way knowing that I am assisting them for a better direction in their life. I have been told that there is a calmness in my voice that radiates from my personality and that this promotes healing in the person that I am in contact with during the reading.

​I enjoy working with people by assisting them in finding a positive direction in their life. I have been told that I am extremely accurate with my readings and can also tune into what is happening within their body even though I have no formal medical knowledge or training. I am not a doctor and don’t claim to be one. I assist you in reawakening your powerful, natural self healing abilities.

People that have been drawn to me go by their gut and own intuitive self. Everyone has that ability. I am spiritual and always look for the positive side but will truly state what is on my mind if the client requests that. I provide guidance in all manner of subjects from Love life, Financial matters, career directions and much more. I am here to assist you to find the positive way so that one can move on with your life. I am an intuitive healer and I can help you to remove the blockages that prevent you from achieving your dreams.

“I met Sue at a meetup where she did a very impressive psychic reading of me-one of the best I’ve had in years. I can recommend her wholeheartedly. Sue is the real deal.”

​Peter H. Fogtdal, author

“Thank you for the intuitive reading.  It was excellent and filled with information that I needed to make forward movement especially about my body issues.  I also look forward to the new romantic relationship.”

Patti Burke

“​I had a reading from Sue on attracting love when finished I felt full within-loved, embraced, successful, nourished. I feel secure within myself. I am attracting love and gratitude. It is happening now.”

Susan P